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Winners - 2015

Open singles

1st    R. Watson                                       Nidd

2nd   E. W. Edwards                                 Fly

3rd    J. D. Wood                                      Sal

4th    J. B. Murdoch                                  Ben

5th    R. Fawcett                                       Lola

6th    M. T. Longton                                Don

7th    D. Bristow                                       Parksfarm Bella

8th    T. Longton                                     Eddy

9th    R. Montgomery                              Meg

10th  J. Cropper                                       Ricky

11th  N. H. Denniff                                  Highgate Glen

12th  F. Cleary                                         Bill


Open doubles

1st    Mrs. S. Cropper                               Danny & Beechwood Ben

2nd   R. E. Briggs                                     Gus & Fly

3rd    Mrs. V. Powell                                Mint & Cully


Local class

1st    T. Weston                                      Meg

2nd   A. Wilkinson                                  Lednock Gail

3rd    P. R. Wood                                     Sue

4th    J. D. Wood                                      Sal

5th    N. H. Denniff                                  Highgate Glen

6th    I. Gregory                                       Jess

7th    S. A Wainwright                              Roy


Longshaw Singles Championship

1st    J. D. Wood                                      Sal

2nd   J. Cropper                                       Ricky

3rd    D. Bristow                                       Parksfarm Bella

4th    J. Atkinson                                     Whiterose Queen

5th    R. Watson                                       Nidd


Highest Aggregate in Open Singles & Championship                         J. D. Wood

Highest Aggregate in Open Singles & Local Classes                           J. D. Wood

Highest pointed dog on Thursday                                                      J. B. Murdoch

Highest pointed dog on Friday                                                           R. Watson

Highest pointed local dog in open class                                             J. D. Wood

Highest pointed Derbyshire dog in open class                                    J. D. Wood

Driving Crook                                                                                   T. Weston

Best outrun lift & fetch in local class                                                A. Wilkinson

Farnsworth Tankard                                                                          J. D. Wood

Rowarth Silver Salver                                                                        T. Weston

Sir Richard Hughes prize                                                                   T. Weston



Beginners class

1st    J. Morgan                                       Gem

2nd   T. Gregory                                     Meg

3rd   Mrs. A. Hughes                             Frost


Longshaw Beginners Cup                      T. Gregory

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